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Livistona australis
The mature Livistona australis palm is a tall, robust and hardy species of palm with a slender trunk and graceful glossy foliage. Also known as "The Cabbage Tree Palm", it is indigenous to the temperate east coast of Australia, and is the most southern Australian palm. It is still a common palm in the Sydney region with natural stands gracing the northern coastal suburbs.

Livistona australis palms grew in monostands along Sydney Harbour and waterways at the time of the First Fleetís arrival. Early settlers used the trunk of the Cabbage Tree palm for housing constructions and the leaves for weaving hats, baskets and temporary roofing.

These palms make beautiul landscape specimens and are tolerant of winter temperatures of a few degrees below zero.

Mature Livistona australis palms take up very little ground-space. They have self-cleaning trunks and are generally very low-maintenance palms. This makes Livistona australis an excellent choice of palm for private and public landscapes:
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Plazas
  • Streets
  • Avenues

All our mature Livistona australis palms for sale are containerized, hardened off to sun and wind and cared for at our palm nursery. To contact a Livistona australis sales consultant email hoopercottage@hcplants.com.au

Livistona australis is a protected plant in NSW. All our palms have AFS certification and each comes with its own NPWS serial number. All palms are salvaged from areas where an environmental impact study has been carried out. The tag is a requirement of the Department of Environment and Climate Change. Documentation can be supplied upon request.